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    How Scary Would Pinterest Be if You Could Pin IRL?

    Disney medley. AMAZING!!

    Pinning away

    Omg, funnier than the real thing.


    HILARIOUS. I am still dying here laughing.

    Barbie and Ken in real life... Who ever came up with this photoshoot was genius

    Barbie and Ken's marriage in real life. I saw these a couple of months ago. so glad someone put them on Pinterest!!!

    This is hilarious!

    How Facebook updates would look in real life

    Is this real?

    YES!!!!! I love when my ships get together in the movie/show AND real life!!!!!!

    Yep, everyone thinks those pics are just as silly as that little girl does.

    Real life!!! Adorable!

    This is the best thing I have ever seen

    Real-life Pixar characters, tee hee

    When the fairy tale ends, real life begins......