Le Tigre Winter 2002 Issue

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the velvet teen

the velvet teen

maudlin of the Well, "Monstrously Low Tide" | #progmetal

Leaving Your Body Map by maudlin of the Well

Ryan Gosling

I'd like to congratulate Ryan on the big news, and I'd also like to let him know I forgive him for not impregnating me first. Kind of. I kind of forgive him. On a different note, this will forever be my favorite. Listen to him ladies!

Sharon Van Etten. Powerful shit for a rainy day.

Powerful shit for a rainy day.

The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You

The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You-As I get older, I wish I knew a lot of people when I was young-most of all my husband-I wish I knew you when I was younger. No longer-"two strangers in the bright lights.

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National Organization for Women | Feminism: The Basic Foundations

Feminism: The Basic Foundations

Like LGBT rights activists, feminist campaigners are often dismissed as over-sensitive, irrational 'extremists'. Even to many relatively liberal people, feminism appears to be a dirty word - a brush you just don't want to tar yourself with.

mgm musicals - Bing Images

the bishop wife - Cary Grant Loretta Young and David Niven great Christmas movie

Elvis Presley - Photo posted by elvisfan1 - Elvis Presley - Fan club album

Elvis Presley - Fan club album

January the It would be the Hillbilly Cat’s birthday! Thanks to ma friend Julie Ann.

Mariska and August

Mariska Hargitay and August on Law & Order: SVU set

Le Tigre Winter 2002 Issue

Le Tigre Winter 2002 Issue - Pretty sure this was the first issue I ever bought. I wish LT would reunite, they're still one of my all time faves.