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  • Matt Elwell
    Matt Elwell • 2 years ago

    Point taken, and as someone who used to muck horse stalls for a living, I understand problems with working conditions. But I would ask this: if one of your fellow employees was taken to the emergency room for heat stroke, would that boss write that employee up the next day for leaving work early? Because, according to this infographic, that's exactly what did.

  • Pamela Sund-Buck
    Pamela Sund-Buck • 2 years ago

    Good question. My comment was a lot more involved but I had to edit for size. My employer has a number of "rules" that favor them and not the employee. They have done many underhanded things to employees who have had to take off for medical reasons. They also recently implemented a rigorous physical which we all believe is meant to weed out the older employees (I'm 48). This is a retail store where we sell clothes, food, home decorations along with heavy equipment. So to say you cant sell a shirt unless you can lift 100 pounds, seems a bit extreme. I'm def not Amazons cheerleader, I just have personal experience with crappy working conditions and believe its much more prevelant than people know. As someone who lives in a "right to work" state, I know we are gonna get the short end of the stick no matter what.

  • Matt Elwell
    Matt Elwell • 2 years ago

    Ah. Good points. Pamela, I wish Pinterest had a "Like" button. I'd Like your comments. Although, I don't think I'd Like your employer! ;)

  • Pamela Sund-Buck
    Pamela Sund-Buck • 2 years ago

    Haha! Thank's Matt :) I don't know, if you can handle mucking stalls, you might be able to handle the crap I have to put up with! lol

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