This is my number one pet peeve!!!!!! If I see it as "your" one more time......I might snap.

Grammar ftw! 15 honest love notes for couples who like to keep it real

true story

I miss your hugs. Specifically, my vagina hugging your penis.

omgosh.... yes.

Military Girlfriends: Sexually deprived for your freedom.


My husband is a sexy camo wearin' hunk of panty droppin' hot piece of ass US NAVY SAILOR! What does your husband do?


The best karma, is watching your cheating partner inflict the same pain on their new lover. You thought it was funny to see me suffer? I get it now! It is funny to watch you go thru it!

Grammar saves lives!

5 Tips for Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile -

Haha! Yep!

You're a hard person to shop for because I never listen to you.


I think you're 'The One' ...'The One' I wanna bang. ...for tonight. ...further banging depends on tonight's performance.

I am totally doing this right now! Looking for the scarf tutorial, I see it all the time and cant find it to save my life!

"Oh, you don't think Justin Timberlake is hot? I'm sorry you're blind." -Sarah R

Seriously though...

"For all the times I put food on the table to fill your belly, It's high time you put me on the table and filled mine." Original innapropriate e-card by Kayla Miller (:

Grammar humor. :) grammar