Halloween makeup.

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From her intense makeup to her insane body proportions, 19-year-old Ukraine-Native Anastasiya Shpagina bears a strong resemblance to a Japanese anime character.

Halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup

Aztec Princess halloween makeup costume

Halloween Makeup

Halloween idea (1) draw cracked outline over part of face (2) powder outside of cracked line (3) apply makeup to inside

Love this! Where's my gluestick, must make eybrows invisible....

Halloween makeup

halloween makeup...love.

Halloween-Make-up-Simple Halloween Idea, I could do this make up and be a fem-bot with a pretty dress (like in Austin Powers)

Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup

I couldn't find a good enough picture of just the circle blush, so this will have to do. Good for Mrs. Mother is we don't do masks.

Cool Halloween makeup

This is way cute! Even if you did normal eye make up, i think it would be enough to show your a clown but without over the top costume-y look. @Rachel Soelberg

Holiday Party Makeup

Halloween Makeup Ideas