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  • Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd.

    How to create do you create Private boards on Pinterest. Want more Pinterest Tips? Follow the #PinterestFAQ #Pinboard curated by #JKLFA

  • Cierra Brooke

    Christmas is coming! How to keep those gift idea boards a secret.

  • Susan Tomasallo #1

    Finally! Here's how to create PRIVATE boards. With Christmas approaching, Pinterest thought it would help families/friends suggest gift ideas for each other. You decide who can contribute & see the Board. Blank Boards are at the bottom of your Boards. You can create 3. It's simple :)

  • Row One Brand

    Finally! Here's how to create PRIVATE boards on Pinterest. How to go viral using Pinterest. How to go viral ON Pinterest. Secret Boards! Very James Bondish.

  • Natalie Roles-Lepley
    Natalie Roles-Lepley • 23 weeks ago

    I love this! Sometimes pins are just for me and I love this privacy feature!

  • Sharri Hutchens
    Sharri Hutchens • 18 weeks ago

    how can you go back and look at the boards that are locked? I can only see them with I want to pin something to it. When I click on the pin, next to my name, and my boards show up, my locked boards do not.

  • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

    I use 2 SECRET boards- 2 different topics- to pin photos I have not yet had time to research (which is what I do to make my PINTEREST pins special), or if I find "too many great ones" in 1 day-- to just change to a public board on a later day!

  • Formadesign (UK) Ltd
    Formadesign (UK) Ltd • 7 weeks ago

    Does anyone have an idea as to why some of our pins get hidden behind other pins when printing?

  • pammy g
    pammy g • 3 days ago

    people should keep their boards private if they want to be petty and block someone for too many pins! better yet why are people on here if they are so selfish over a picture! keep the whole board private if you are afraid someone may like your pins! seems so ridiculous and greedy over mere photos! am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

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