zeroHouse is functional. – zeroHouse

Eco Arch, Kent

Mop House by AGI Architects

Prefab Tiny House

Drawing of a berm house with green roof and water catchment/cistern.

now we are talking

Hamptons Beach House

I wish more people understood what the word "sustainable" meant instead of thinking its just some word associated with being green. Air, Water, Waste, Food, Energy – Designers Imagining Self-Contained Living Systems

Cabin dreaming / prefab

Dwelle Prefab

Quik house, Adam Kalking. Containers.

Building carefully oriented and designed to take advantage of passive solar energy to drive heating, cooling and ventilation. Click through for legend via, and visit the Slow Ottawa 'Consume Less' board for more tips on sustainable living.

Shipping Container Homes!

220sqft Prefab house on stilts

Off-Grid Container House

Goldstein house by Lautner

lake house ~ paulo quartilho One day, I want to build something like this with my own hands.

One of the 10 most sustainable homes of 2010 from Think Green. Looks really interesting, but if i lived here, the blinds would always be closed :P #sustainable #glasshouse #architecture

Tiny House: Stark Cabin

The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann - Gorgeous how the loadbearing walls are used in this residential house, allowing the house to be completely open.