Is Boo from "Monsters Inc" actually the witch from "Brave?" Click to read this incredibly intricate theory about the Pixar universe.

The Pixar Theory is that Boo from Monster's Inc. is the witch in Brave. There is much more to it.

Yes disney

Apparently Disney Pixar workers confirmed this. Mind. Blown. AND... She's playing with a BLUE KITTY!!!!

This works and it's kind of terrifying.

Disney secrets<


I noticed this before!!

respect for pixar

Pixar theory explained more easily

Wow....mind blown

What happens after you finish college.


Did Boo from Monsters Inc. grow up to become Andy's mom in Toy Story? no probably not


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Love Pixar!

Disney Pick Up Lines My favorite is, "My name isn't Sully, but you can still be my boo". :)

The Real Identity of the Witch From Brave: Are you ready for this one? Jon Negroni came up with this brain-boggling theory that not only does every Pixar movie exist in the same world, but they are all connected. The end result: Boo from Monsters, Inc. is actually the witch from Brave.

Elsa and Jack Frost

Seriously Melody, you are not as rebellious as your Mama was. She freaking snuck out to go to an underground club that was ILLEGAL in Atlantica as well as sold her soul to a satanic octopus witch in order to seduce a man she had never even met. You were just kinda awkward because you are a growing tween. Calm down. <----- that was the most metal discription of the little mermaid ever