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It's them shoes...them red shoes and those stripes... that will get you every time my pretty...

Not sure I would ever recommend sitting on a piano like this, but it's a gorgeous shot.

Red Piano - I had an old Red Piano in our early yrs. of marriage; still is one of my favorites from the past!

I am not a big fan of heels but I would so wear these or totally use them for decoration. ;)

Music therapy is used to help improve or maintain some clients health by using music experiences. Therapists use this to improve motor, social, and behavior skills, emotional and affective development, and cognitive functioning. This is one type of therapy that I will research throughout my project.

19. Be Supportive of His Interests … Guys love it when girls show they’re interested in what guys are interested in. So, even if I hate his favorite sport, I’m going to watch …

I play it, always have, always will!!!!! The piano is the love of my life ;) haha

alligator crawl by senseofdoubt, via Flickr

Me playing the piano for you and you sitting on my lap. (Anytime, and I mean anytime you want me to play for you, I will)

This piano has a story, just like mine; it's been broken and destroyed but it doesn't mean that it cannot make beautiful music.

In the old parlour of the house.. there was a beautiful piano/organ that sat in ruin. It looks as if it had seen much chaos, though its haunting melody was a song I knew from my past.