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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Cloche hat... Feather & button detail. A bit much together? But I like the ideas

Cloche. See Sheila! This is what your hat is called. :)

Vintage cloche hat, normally the cloche style is not my thing but this jaunty asymmetrical style has won me over

I just love hats: especially the ones that look like Roman Helmets. But where's the red brush like thingy' that goes on top?

I'm looking for a wool cloche hat. Black, mainly, but red will do.

A Hat, totally high fashion, silk, beaded, and with Turkey Feathers. What else can you want from a hat! available $169 and well worth it even if you never wear it! This is wearable sculpture designed to make an entrance. They will be talking about you when you make your exit make no mistake!

Wish we sold hats. But this'll have to do:

A lovely milliner whose hats are works of art that make me blush when they catch me staring