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sproodle = Springer Spaniel crossed with a standars Poodle = Springerdoodle

Springerdoodle (English Springer Spaniel-Poodle Mix) Info, Pictures

Springerdoodle, Springer Poodle Hybrid Dogs, Springerdoodles: Low to non-shed. Housetrain almost instantly. Love to swim, play fetch, but also mellow around the home.

Sproodles - Springer Spaniels x Miniature Poodles

Sproodles - Springer Spaniels x Miniature Poodles. Holy crap I want one.

Mini Springerdoodle Puppies | Springerdoodles are a fun new addition at ShelbyGoldendoodles.

Learn everything about the Springerdoodle dog breed. Discover Springerdoodle coloring, sizing, traits, lifespan and more.

Springerdoodle!! This sort of looks like mine, but ours is a tricolor-Liver,roin and a little white. <3

A photo of a 4 months old, Chocolate and white, Springerdoodle. View other Springerdoodle photos as well from our user uploaded collection.

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Licensed breeder of Sproodles, also known as Spoodles, Springerpoos or Sprinderdoodles.

Sproodle... Springer Poodle cross... might have to look into it as I LOVED my childhood springer but so many seem not so smart now. The poodle could help that!

might have to look into it as I LOVED my childhood Springer but can't deal with hair.

Springer + mini poodle = Springerdoodle!

Soft and curly, this Springerdoodle puppy has a 1 year genetic health guaranteed by the breeder and is vet checked. Blake is also vaccination and wormer up

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