Cool ways to fold money for gifts

how to make origami using money...for gifts

Folding money for gifts

A Fish of Money for abundance.

Folded money portraits

I think doing this in other peoples bathrooms would be hilarious

paper folding...dude

Nah-ah! A company that will make your photos into a Viewmaster Reel.

Flower in pot made from money. Such a neat idea for a kids bday!

Creative Ways to Give Money

Rose Money Origami.

Creative ways to give money—mini frames.

bunny money

I can never think of what to write in a card when put on the spot. Hopefully, I'll remember to use this site next time.

Love this!

In A Pickle bag. Super cute bag filled with EVERYTHING you could ever need when in a jam. ~I am SO making my own for adult stocking stuffers.