Cool ways to fold money for gifts

how to make origami using money...for gifts

Love this!

A Fish of Money for abundance.

how to fold a money shirt for gift giving.

Rose Money Origami.

paper folding...dude

Folding money for gifts

Creative ways to give money—mini frames.

Creative ways to give cash as a gift!money (multiple ideas listed, one is in a chocolate box!)

Everyone seems to want money or gift cards. These are some creative ways of giving money.

This guide is about making a candy bouquet. A fun gift to create for a special candy lover.

Creative Ways to Give Money - Graduation Gift Ideas - Good Housekeeping

Big Ideas 3: Money Headband for Graduation. I remember making bracelets like this (with gum wrappers) when I was a kid.

14 homemade soap recipes

Graduation Gift with dollar diplomas | | Give your grad the gift they want in a jar! We have a few good friends and family graduating from High School this week. We all know that grads love the money, so I put together a few simple graduation gifts that any grad would love:…

Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship! Great for niece and nephew birthdays. I want to do this!!

"Easy money" folded five pointed origami star - Every year around Christmas I fold origami stars out of five one-dollar bills. Sometimes I leave them as tips in restaurants. (And many times the waiters or waitresses follow me out to ask how to do it) Other times I give them as gifts with a string attached for hanging on the tree.

Heart-Shaped Origami: A photo tutorial showing how to fold money into a heart

Cute idea....remember this! To cheer up a friend during a tough week.