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To complete the interior of the coop, the Griesemers built a six-unit nest box and added dowels for roosts. They separated the room with wood, laying down a thick layer of pine shavings on one side. On the other side of the room they laid linoleum to be used for storage.

They cover the roofs of chicken coops, keeping them cool for the girls inside.

Okay- lets wall paper and accessorize the coop with art on the wall? I know those who would do this!

Chicken Coops - Mark needs this.

Look at this cute chicken coop! I want a chicken coop. How awesome would it be to go out and get fresh eggs every day?

TARA DILLARD: Chinoiserie Coop, Repurposed Materials

The inside of a bunny condo. Mine have a large pen, but I love the idea of a multi-story structure they could explore. Perhaps only the 2nd & 3rd floors would need a door for safety.

website with a bunch of coop designs for when we eventually get chickens.

chicken coups | build your chicken coop this can be an entertaining backyard chickens ...