The funny thing is, I have a yellow lab with a pink nose and this is exactly what she does.

First-World Dog Problems hahahaha

This just brightened my day

Funny Animal Caption Picture with Dog | Funny dog photo with captions explain why you smell like another dog

The love between a Girl and her Dog is not explainable. That Dog is her best friend. That dog knows her so well. That Dog will ALWAYS be there for her. That dog is her baby. Their relationship is stronger than you can imagine.

HAHAHAHAHAHA # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Ultimate dog tease...Never gets old. Ever. "The maple kind, yeah?!"

This would be Lyle!!

dog therapy

Maybe it was the cat. #funny #humor #smile

Kolby ❤️

too funny

good morning! beachglrl22 things that make me giggle


Best guilty dog video...too cute

So True!

aw ruff day for this little fella



Puppy born with a mustache