Art Nouveau Paintings by Swiss Artist Ernest Bieler

Painting by Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter

Could be done with white glue dried then watercolor

Bill Drysdale WATERCOLOR

Portrait of Violette Scholder - Ernest Bieler

Art Nouveau Paintings by Swiss Artist Ernest Bieler

painting Nicoletta Tomas Caravia

Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter (1863-1948) ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter (1863-1948)

Syouen Uemura

Night Snow From the series “New Twelve Images of Beauties” Shin Bijin Juni Sugata: Artist: Ito Shinsui Published by Watanabe Shozaburo, 1923. S)

These hyper-realistic paintings by Spanish artist Josep Moncada Juaneda have me yearning for a refreshing dip in the pool. Summer, where art thou?

Chris Neale, Pembrokeshire Artist

Vladimir Gusev (1957, Russian)

Slumber by Johanna Harmon

corinna wagner; Mixed Media, 2012, Painting "no title "

Egon Schiele

Jeremy Lipking

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