Art Nouveau Paintings by Swiss Artist Ernest Bieler

Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter (1863-1948)

Art Nouveau Paintings by Swiss Artist Ernest Bieler

Could be done with white glue dried then watercolor

Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter (1863-1948)

Night Snow From the series “New Twelve Images of Beauties” Shin Bijin Juni Sugata: Artist: Ito Shinsui Published by Watanabe Shozaburo, 1923. S)

Bill Drysdale WATERCOLOR

Ernest Bieler

Ernest Bieler Swiss Painter (1863-1948)

Max Kurzweil. Woman in a Yellow Dress 1899

BLUE LANTERN: Vittorio Zecchin (1878-1947) was commissioned in 1913 to execute a series of panels based on The Thousand and One Nights for the Hotel Terminus. The finished work is a masterpiece of Italian art nouveau

Figurative Painting by American Artist Jeffrey T. Larson

Saatchi Online Artist: Sara Riches; Ink 2013 Painting "After The Ball" #art

Carl Spitzweg German painter,19th century Genre Painting,German artists,Romanticism

Women in Painting by Israeli Artist Isaac Maimon

Klimt! One of the gratest artist in Art Nouveau. <3 Hector and I owned "The Kiss", but I'd LOVE to add this to my collection!

Painterly in literal. Wonderful way to bring many different colors into the home

Michael Carson

Gustav Klimt - Art nouveau inspired fashion editorial | Photo by Alessia Campostrini Fashion editor Georgia Tal . Inspired by the portrait of Joanna Perrenial made by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt

About the Artist ~~~~ Lucy Newton from Edinburgh ~~~~ Born 1985 Scotland. I am an artist/ illustrator living and working in Edinburgh. I love to experiment with different combinations of media including - pen and ink, watercolour, monoprint, pencil and collage.