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  • Samantha Davidson

    Baby in a teacup - fun picture idea (teacup is actually a planter) I love the rolls! should totally do this!

  • Kelli Helm

    Baby in a tea cup pic idea. (tea cup is actually a planter from walmart)

  • Brooke Pate

    Cute idea for Greta's newborn photos! Use a pink cup and saucer.

  • Cassie Hall

    Cute prop ideas for kids photos @Crystalyn Stembridge

  • Robyn Johnson

    oh my goodness..... its a teacup baby !! i want one lol by sara


    hahahahahahahahahah so sweet! This would make this photo prop work for a boy. LOVE!!! - shop online:)

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Newborn--you could add name, date, poundage to the letter--great for announcement

I want someone to crochet me this for baby boy. I love this type of blanket. In fact, crochet one for me! Maybe I should learn how to crochet.

pregnancy announcement..... Nice way to get the couple in the picture and the attention on something else .., with a good composition, the concept would work in almost any setting that doesn't have too much goin on in the background

too cute with the cowboy boots ( my boys and my husband will take a pic like this some day!) ♥