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2012 Mayan Maya

Funny pictures about Mayan calendar. Oh, and cool pics about Mayan calendar. Also, Mayan calendar photos.

Oh my god!!! I totally thought this same exact saying and punch line when I was pumping the other day!  I thought I was all funny for coming up with it. Guess I'm not original ;)

A Funny Mom Quotes --> truth. definitely okay to cry over spilled breastmilk

Growing old together.  Ok, a little naughty....but so funny !!

Love is.supporting one another through old age. I remember the Love Is cartoons in the Gazette when I was in school!

Seriously!! Except for when you LOVE their voice ;-) ... this is actually a great idea. In 2 years it'll be the norm.

I can't stand voicemail. If you leave me a long message then you can't be angry if I don't call you back because I know I have already heard your complete conversation. Text me or hang up and I am smart enough to return the call.

Lol I'll be getting a lift before that ever happens to me

Why Older Women Shouldn't Sunbathe in the Nude.- i totally laughed out loud

I can relate...

Favorite Pins Friday Linky!

Remembering the words to every song from the but forgetting why you walked into the next room. Sad but true. So me.

So funny and so true.

A Woman's Cold vs. A Man's Cold Except for the baby, this is my house!

I Was Convinced About This

I Was Convinced About This

hey arnold's skirt is really his shirt? i always thought it was a kilt.YES! OH my gah. I actually thought that until I pinned this.

Need an Ark?  I Noah Guy !!  Can't Stop Laughing, HaHa , , , ,

Need an ark?