HOW TO MAKE ASTRAGALUS TINCTURE - Astragalus root has been used in Chinese medicine for about 2,000 years. The herb helps to strengthen the immune system, liver and heart. It is also considered an energy and lung tonic. Often, medicinal herbs like astragalus with tonic qualities are made into tinctures so that they can be used on a regular basis. Tonics are typically used as a preventative measure against sickness.

Guide to Making Herbal Tinctures

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How To Cut Herbs - for basil don't pluck leaves off, instead trim stem. Leave two sets of leaves on stem (leaves grow in pairs across from each other). Cut immediately above the second set of leaves from the ground. Plant will then grow new branches from this cut.

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Get the most out of your herb garden: Harvesting and recipe tips for some of the most popular and easy to grow herbs! Fantastic ideas for the herb growing novice!

How to Make a Tincture: It does not matter what size jar you use as long as the top one quarter is liquid. Dry herbs lose their potency within a year. Fresh herbs rot soon after harvest. Tinctures preserve and extract the medicinal properties of an herb in an alcoholic extract, and can last more than a hundred years. You can purchase tinctures, or you can make your own. They are very easy to make.

Herbs for colds and flu - antiseptic throat sprays, vapor rubs, herbal steams, gargles etc. Good sound advice, including the correct use of echinacea.

This herb works wonderfully for colds and flu. Drinking a tea made from echinacea can greatly reduce the severity and duration of these two illnesses. It’s also widely used for treating upper respiratory tract infections and sore throat. It’s also an effective anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic and detoxifier.

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Take an immune-system booster such as "Astra-8" or another formulation of reishi and/or shiitake mushrooms and astragalus. These herbs are tonifying, which means they strengthen your system over time.

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