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don't forget about the wide ass

Be patient with patients who are not patient by TrulyVeraDesigns

What's it Like to Be a Nurse? Where do nurses go to school? What is the ratio of male to femaie nurses? How much do nurses get paid? Where do nurses work? See the answers here in this very cool infographic.

Hey girl, you're pulling on my chordae tendineae and it hurts so good.

This is really what should happen in our ICU but there are some who just cant get a hold of themselves!

I love being a nurse, and knowing I'm the only one who will find this humerus(get it?).

LOL - I hate socks with a purple passion but these are funny - I'd hang them on the wall just for a laugh!

ACLS basic! If in VFIB you... DEFIB! And pulseless V-tach is the same as VFIB. Boom! Nursed LOL

Why I am working hard for what I want to be... When I grow up ;)