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I am a Pinja! ;)  {okay, seriously as soon as I saw "mason jar" and "burlap" I KNEW this was me!! ;D Lol!!!}

no no no, a pinja is what Andy Biersack said that he would be if he had to choose between a pirate and a ninja. but it's says pinja, and it makes me laugh!


Room has been completely redecorated. They'll be serving homemade cookies and fresh lemonade. Mark your personalized calendar.

that teacher is satan <<< that teacher is awesome wut you talkin bout?!

that teacher is satan <<< that teacher is awesome wut you talkin bout?<<< I just feel bad for the kid, but the teacher is awesome

How did I ever live without it??

the MacGyver of social networking as I'm convinced it could teach me how to build a house out of foam wreaths, burlap,.

Life before Google - 9GAG

Life before Google

Kids don't know how much more simple and how complicated life is compared to life B.

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Hayes I feel like this just explains us well. Although I would go for the sugar high too ( still not as good as your pin though!

Things I think when scrolling Pinterest... yep, pretty much.

I would add: enough with the dumb weight loss/ working out pins. Please stop with the Jesus quotes. Yet another cute fall outfit with jeans, scarf and boots?

If you can't say anything nice...well, you know the rest. What is the point of leaving a negative comment?

I care nothing about your opinions, myths, and the claim that you are "offended." I'm offended by lies and people who support corrupt, criminal organizations in the guise of religion, but I'm not coming to your board to harass you.


I have noticed the house a little dustier and the bathrooms need cleaning. awww heck, I just found one more thing to Pin. I'll just clean tomorrow!

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How do you bake with Nutella and braid your hair with a fresh manicure, all at the same time?

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Gushing a smile out because I found something inspiring or relating to an idea i had in my head that can help keep my vision focused.