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Why Work Stresses Us Out (and What We Can Do About It)

workplace stress

You are probably aware of the health risks of not getting enough exercise or eating a nutritious diet, but what about the risks of not getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation can be a result of a medical condition, psychological condition, or even from another person and the effects on your overall health can be pretty serious. Here's a breakdown of the dangers of sleep deprivation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture

The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture | Greatist

To cleanse the lungs means to rid your body of the toxins that could be affecting the function of the organ. Periodically detoxing them will keep them health and functioning well!

365 days to a NEW YOU! How the body rebuilds itself //

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The Perfect Sleeping Positions to Fix Common Body Problems

The Snoozle slide sheet is a great option for better sleep if you're in pain. Best Sleep Position Infographic #infographic #sleep #naturessleep #sleep #tips #sleeping


8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For

Essential Stretches For Tight Hips. Stretching your hips is such an important component to your mobility as you get older! I have also been told by yoga instructors and by my doctors that it will help my migraines to open up my hips. Women carry a lot of stress in their hips and we never realize it.