Sheep - paint wooden egg, cotton balls, pipe cleaner legs, paper ears


easter craft

egg animals

Use a whisk to dye eggs... why didnt I think of this? Genius really!

Pom pom animals

I have to make these for Easter. Too cute!

paper easter eggs

Easter craft and fun activities for kids: Egg Animals!!

Easter Stickers at Michaels.

Easter egg tree.

Pipe cleaner Easter eggs.

Egg Animals: Mamma pig and baby pig having fun in the puddle! Supplies : Eggs (Pink) + Buttons/round cardboard (Pink) + Pink Pipe cleaners + Pink cord for tail (dip in glue and curl around straw till dry) + Crepe paper ears. #craft #Easter

Easter decorating contest idea...

neat craft for Easter

make your own easter bunny egg craft...

DIY decoupage eggs for Easter

Fun Easter kids craft

Strings of Spring: These winsome garlands are also an engaging hands-on project for the whole family.

Easter - Vintage - A Happy Easter