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  • Salman Latif

    A Flight Through the Universe, by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - The largest 3D Map of the universe

  • Harry Covair

    A Flight Through the Universe Video Credit: M. A. Aragón (JHU), M. SubbaRao (Adler), A. Szalay (JHU), Y. Yao (LBN, NERSC), and the SDSS-III Collaboration Possibly the best simulated video of this yet has been composed from recently-released galaxy data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Every spot in the video is a galaxy containing billions of stars. Many galaxies are part of huge clusters, long filaments, or small groups, while expansive voids nearly absent of galaxies also exist.

  • Susi Pittman

    Ever wish you could fly through the Universe? Animated flight with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

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We are alone in the universe..the most ridiculous statement ever made. Probability has us with at least a few other BILLION planets that have inhabitants most likely far more intelligent than us as well.

Star Cluster Pismis 24/Nebula NGC 6357: Pismis 24 hangs over NGC 6357, a nebula about 8000 ly away in the constellation Scorpius. This picture showed that the brightest star in the cluster is in fact two stars in a tight binary orbit. Each star is about 100 times the Sun's mass. Hubble

“Quite possibly, the purpose of the universe is to provide a congenial home for self-conscious creatures who can ask profound questions and who can probe the nature of the universe itself.” ― Owen Gingerich

Our eyes are as beautiful as the galactic nebulae. We're part of the universe as much as the universe is part of us.

Uncredited... The Universe. °

universe | aqua, mint, fuchsia, orange, grape, cobalt & chocolate

Large Hadron Collider~ History of the Universe, because all species were designed to procreate. Many believe we have within our genetic memory, human junk DNA which contains all of the "programs" designed to help us evolve and re-create.

History of The Universe - Nice, concise way to see it. Also, there was a chart pictured on a PBS special in the 1980's regarding "Creation of the Universe" that is even better. Does anyone have that?

This is what we become when we die. This is the stuff we're made of. This is incredible.

Now one might deduce that this means that the dark side’s energies are also enhanced...But this is where it gets interesting: the incoming higher frequency energies vibrate at a level which is only accessible to those whose own frequencies rise up to meet them. For those who simply maintain basic low levels of receptivity – the new vibratory spectrum will offer no tangible assistance. In fact the gap will increase between the two states of being.

cool space nebula "Eye of God"