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This has to be one of the most beautifully illustrated vintage undergarment ads I've ever encountered. 1940s

Thing is Tussy was known to be a very cheap brand, so guess they needed to glam up the product with a ritzy socialite!

Vintage ads encouraging weight gain. Can we start running this ad again?

Sick ad-Women are beautiful but DUMB AND SMELL BAD , good for one thing, their bodies. Ad for Deodorant

Some things will never change: sex will always sell.

They do?? Really?? False advertising at its best!! lol Still, too much 'picking' (blaming) women...revealed in recent (2012) GOP political propaganda!

My gma gave us Neccos on trips. Tasted like chalk.

Loved this!! My parents would get these when we went on vacation!

Mum Deodorant Advertisement 1946

With the weather turning bad I think perhaps we need this stunning wear for ourselves and canine buddies

A leaflet enclosed with the Beans stated that they were also a cure for cirrhosis of the liver, blackheads, and all female complaints, and later they were mainly targeted at women, using glamorous pictures that now appear incongruous with the unattractive product name.