Chrysalis art project- for bug badge

butterfly chrysalis craft

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Kindergarten butterfly addition

So cute! Opens up to a butterfly! Great project #education

Name caterpillars

Symmetrical Drip Butterflies

Life cycle of a butterfly project

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home made butterfly chrysalis craft

Calm Down Kit - Self regulation strategies book

great idea for showing the life cycle of a caterpillar to butterfly; egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly from pasta!

Butterfly sensory bags for preschoolers from Teach Preschool

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mobile for life cycle of butterfly

This project would be a great way to use art for teaching science. Students will use pasta shells to learn the life cycle of a butterfly. This project is very simple to do, and would be easy for young students to understand.

Time-lapse video showing seed germination - great way for students to make observations about parts of a seed and plant life cycles.

Frog Life Cycle Art Project...SO CUTE!!!!!

I picked this art project. because the children will be learning the life cycle of a butterfly with art so it is more interesting, which means theyre learning about transformation in kindergarten at a young age, so they don't have to learn it later on it life and take too much time to get use to it. So it benefits the children in quite a few ways.

Morpho Butterfly Craft. First learn about the blue morpho butterflies of Central and South American rainforests, and then make a morpho butterfly. Science + art lesson.

Science from Trash: MANY projects, first done by kids in India