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Captain Hammer ;)

Nathan Fillion

CAPTAIN CANADA!!!! Nathan Fillion

nathan fillion

Nathan Fillion kissing a puppy.

Nathan Fillion s nerd girls

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm from Firefly


Nathan Fillion is so right..

Nathan Fillion.

"A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do..." Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer...

Nathan Fillion, everybody.

Nathan Fillion! Adorableness!

You've already melted my underwear. gtfo.

Domhnall Gleeson. not sure why you are here, but come on in.

The most beautiful man in the world....@Tori Slipek

Jason Bateman

Leonardo DiCaprio

Benicio Del Toro...ay, chico.

Gary Oldman. This guy. You see this guy? I love him.

Sean Bean. There aren't enough words to describe your sexiness, good sir. But stop dying all the time, FFS.