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Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.

Creating your own rainstorm...this is so cool! All you need is a clear container, water, shaving cream, food coloring and droppers. Have kids make predictions by drawing what they see and think will happen.


Biodomes Engineering Design Project: Lessons 2-6 - Activity

Illustration shows cutting the top of one bottle and bottom of the other, taping them together to form a bottom reservoir into which a string dips to provide water to the soil in the upper bottle.

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Make Your Own Solar Oven

Make Your Own Solar Oven Tutorial! What a easy, thrifty, fun activity. This would be perfect for a lesson on predicting!


Make Hot Ice from Vinegar and Baking Soda

Hot ice, scientifically known as sodium acetate, is a liquid that will turn solid at the slightest provocation. Touching it with your finger, bumping it too hard, or speaking a few angry words will cause it to spring from a clear, water-like state into solid ice-like crystals.

Dancing raisins activities. Lots of fun experiments. I have done this experiment, and seen the entire class become silent out of curiosity. It is a great engagement piece for a lesson, and it can be hands on if you ask for volunteers!

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Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

These shaving cream rain clouds were a fun, easy and beautiful activity to do with kids.

Color Changing Flowers by growing a jeweledrose: A fun & magical way for kids to learn about flowers. #Kids #Science #Flowers

With the summer approaching, you can be sure I’ve stocked up on a few basic household items to keep my kids entertained during the summer! I love to find fun activities for the girls to do that don’t require too many ingredients or steps. I like for activities to be as easy as possible. The …

Teaches about clouds and rain. Fill glass 2/3 the way up with water. Top off with shaving cream. Drop blue food coloring onto the shaving cream until it starts to drip through. Explain that clouds are full of rain, but when they get too heavy, they release the rain (blue food coloring).

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Summer Cloud Science

Learn all about clouds and how clouds make rain in this easy and fun summer science lesson! | The Happy Housewife

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Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Cloud in a Jar Experiment by Learning 4 Kids

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Kids Activity: Balloon Five Senses Game

Five Senses -Great "touch" activity - fill halfway with items such as water, flour, sugar, beans, beads, and rice.

BRAIN BREAKS CANNOT wait to do this!!! I do some of these, but just off the top of my head. This will give the kids more of a variety.