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Love the idea of hanging this in the kitchen.

@Jenny Junker For Christmas you should make me cool kitchen/baking prints like this! :)

Psinta Modern Shelving Unit - Dark Brown on HauteLook

What We Can Handle Sign

I love GOD!

Beautifully said! Well, that explains some of the jerks I've met along the way... To show me that, that is who I DO NOT want to be, be with or have around in the future.

Everything the Lord, allows to cross your path... rest in it and learn from it- good or bad. He has a plan, its just part of it

Faith is deep... as everything in life. But if you have faith in yourself, your heart and your inner beauty, you can conquer the world. Believe that everything is possible. Follow your heart, not the reason that formed in your head because of "others", and you'll see that even thought everything happens for a reason, you can regain your dreams and goals. Be happy. Life is a one shot deal. Make it count. Trust in your heart. You know....

Kitchen art print, Eat, Drink, Be Merry in yellow: 8 x 10

Eat, Drink, Be Merry .. Thank you Dave Matthews

oh this is a good one. . .especially after the night I've had. . .all teenagers should follow this rule :)

stressed? by seaturtleheather