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TodaysMeet is a backchannel tool used during a presentation so that the audience can post questions, add resources and ideas, and collaborate with each other as the presentation is going on. One use of this tool in the classroom is to project the page on the wall as the teacher is teaching. As students post their questions, they can be reviewed by the teacher before the class ends to clear up any points of confusion.

A FlipClass Welcome

Another big shout out for flipped learning. Again, it was for a Maths class and she said it had changed things significantly. I would like to know what programs she had been using to create the videos. One thing she said was that it meant the classroom was more calm. My understanding is that the classroom is quite noisy because it is all discussion.

Edmodo....looking forward to signing all of my students up in a few weeks and using this on a regular basis.

Quizalize lets you engage your class and deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone. It helps you quickly identify the strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps of individual students and intervene in real-time to give one-on-one help in the classroom.

Free educational blog. Add students to the blog, abillity to make private only for your class. Give or limit control to readers and writers. Option for teacher to view posts before it goes to the group.

Matter Meter is a great new Web tool that allows you to pose a question to your students or colleagues - "If did not exist, would it matter?" A nice and easy way to collect basic information about a simple question quickly and easily. The information is then organized along with the question and the poll can be viewed by the entire site community.

With Brainshark’s cloud-based software, you can easily transform static content such as PowerPoint® documents into voice-enriched video presentations that can be accessed anytime on-demand. There is a free version and a pro version....the free has plenty of features for your students.

PresentationTube provides a desktop presentation recorder and video sharing network to help teachers and students record, publish and share quality, accessible, and interactive video presentations for free.