• Joana Takacs

    April 25th the perfect date haha miss congeniality

  • Wendy Erazo

    Host: "What Is Your Favorite Date?" Miss Rhode Island: "That's A Tough One. I'd Have To Say April 25th. Because It's Not Too Hot & It's Not Too Cold. All You Need Is A Light Jacket." -Miss Congeniality

  • Rebecca Lane

    Miss congeniality :) gotta be one of my favorite movie quotes ever!

  • Jill Kind

    The perfect date is... Favorite movie line

  • Nicole Campbell

    Today is that perfect date! Such a funny movie

  • Alex Lee

    April 25th. The perfect date. This is my favorite movie, I love Sandra bullock

  • Adrienne Taylor

    Everyone has their own idea of a perfect date... some people think it happens to be today... :-) #April25th

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