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You know, Toothless really is the dragon version of Hiccup. He is much smaller than the rest, the other dragons don't like him much, he's very smart, kinda goofy, and he NEVER MISSES. Not to mention the whole missing wing/foot dealymabob.

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Yeah, sign me UP!!! Reminds me of The Hunger Games logo though... : / lol

Hiccup playing with Toothless by moving the dot of light everywhere. Hiccup sure looks happy.

Toothless!!!! I watched How to Train Your Dragon 9 times in a row one day. It made me happy haha.

Toothless_vs__Llama_by_carpenoctem410. I JUST LAUGHED TOO HARD!!!!!!!!!! and Toothless is MUCH cuter than some smelly lama!!!!!!!

Toothless from How to Train a Dragon

Toothless...after watching this movie with Alex I have to admit if he was real we would probly have to have him! He's so cute!!!

Toothless - How to train your dragon...I love this silly animated dragon as much as I love Minions!

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