Tree Ferns

Dicksonia Antarctica (Australian Tree Fern)

Landscape Architecture at the de Young Museum | Golden Gate Park | San Francisco | designed by Walter Hood | Text by Krates

Instant Outdoor Room with large Australian Tree Fern

tree Ferns - Art Luna Garden

vertical garden of ferns

Floating concrete steps, through a tropical Australian garden (photo by Jerry Harpur)

magnolia tree

GREEN AND SILVER BLUE; Hosta and ferns

Gorgeous layering with mondo grass, maidenhair fern and broad leafed upper storey = Dennis Hundscheid's Gallery IMG_5832

Platycerium, Tropical, Epiphytic Fern...unusual fern for the garden

Bromeliad Ideas

Asplenium australasicum (bird nest fern). Large long evergreen fronds with a slight curved tip. This Australian native fern prefers a cool, moist shaded spot and is ideal for a shady garden or pot. Grows 1.5m high x 3m wide.

Always like a #Topiary ~ Cloud Pruning (Niwaki) is shaping limbs to create space between them and flatten the top and bottom. Artistic, gives new life to a shrub and a solution for limited space.

Dicksonia antarctica (Tasmanian Tree Fern) - at San Marcos Growers

foxtail fern

tropical garden design | Harmonious mix of ferns and palms creates a tropical garden oasis.


Didn't know these existed!! variegated foxtail fern

Picture of Staghorn Fern (Platycerium superbum). Someone's got a sense of humour with the name of this!

Australian country style home with Jacaranda tree