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  • Hanna Rider

    DIY glitter Starbucks cup :) ...Oh Wow, what a great idea for a Christmas present! i mean wow. @emily

  • Pablo Yost

    DIY glitter Starbucks cup! Doing this #diy gifts #handmade

  • Erin Sizemore

    DIY glitter Starbucks cup! Pink, glitter and Starbucks... a few of my favorite things!

  • Allison King-Jordan

    DIY:: Starbucks Glitter Cup - this is an excellent idea BUT you must have a cup which can be separated - some of the older Starbucks cups can, the newer ones perhaps not.

  • Kristen Galvin

    DIY glitter Starbucks cup! Since there are two layers to this cup, you take off the outside and put Elmer's glue all over the inside, then add glitter and let it dry. Put the outer layer back on and ta-da, a fully functional glitter Starbucks cup!

  • holly

    DIY Glitter Starbucks Tumbler. DOING IT!

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Glitter! i wanna buy every single martha stewart glitter and just put it on a shelf to look at. seriously.

DIY glitter starbucks cup . sprayed the inside of the outer cup w/ adhesive spray , poured in glitter , cover , and shake !

DIY: collect fallen leaves, melt candlewax into a pan and drop the leaves in. When both sides are covered, dip them in glitter and then hang them up by ribbons to dry.

Glitter Starbucks cup; this is the ONLY one that has instructions


How sweet and precious! Reveal the gender of your baby on this cross that resembles somebody absorbing the wrath that we deserve and bleeding to death after being beat and bruised and stabbed and persecuted. Someone please tell me why this exists haha?!

Pink, Glitter, Starbucks cup, I have not bought this cup because I didn't like the clear, but I may get one now since I can glitter it up!

A lot of uses for this idea... mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it the glue will dry clear

I found the real blog on how to do this!!! not just a ramdom pic that leads me to nowhere :) I am thinking purple though!!!