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Yes, often a very tiresome issue - but no, lettuce doesn't have feelings. Please stop comparing animals with greens... we can choose and are supposedly to be an intelligent species - which I have to doubt on a daily basis... Yes, there are lots of other tasty foods besides veggies, and no, I'm not a skinny hippie living a weird life - quite normal really (well, I think so anyway)

Until the word "vegetarian" was coined in the mid-1800's by the British Vegetarian Society, vegetarians were commonly referred to as Pythagoreans

Vegetarian Christmas Recipes Everyone Will Love

Vegetarian Tamale recipe. :) These are absolutely fabulous. I substituted earth balance for the butter, and Mom made a scrumptious mix of veggies (not unlike what's in the recipe) to put inside. It really doesn't suffer from not having cheese. AND they freeze really, really well and take about the same amount of time to steam two weeks later (we just had them for supper last night). :)

I want everyone to read the top section. Very. Carefully. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian. You have no idea how many times I've heard, "But you can still eat fish, right?" or "Dude, I like cheese too much to be vegetarian." EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

"Vegetarian Recipes for Family Dinners" by Dr Mehmet Oz for Oprah Magazine. Serve up these healthy and delicious dishes that will even keep meat-lovers satisfied.

Vegetarian Gyros, though I can't find the faux chicken breast here in Germany, I will save this recipe for when I head back to the States.

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veggie mini pizzas | These pizzas are inspired from that sicilian restaurant, but instead of making one giant pizza we made mini versions. It has probably been said a zillion times before, but this is a great thing to do for a party. Prepare all the ingredients and a big batch of pizza dough (you can prepare the dough the day before), then let everyone decorate their own pizza. | #food