• FullyAliveNJesus

    We all have comfort zones.Thus we become what seems to be right, is most familiar & comfortable to us. Parent sometimes forget they are their children's first and most influential role model (they return to their roots) & they will grow up to emulate us or marry someone like one of us even/if they don't reject us. Let us never loose site of the truth we are raising an Adult! One of the best times to work on changing what can become better is when we are parenting another; even as Grandparents!

  • Fanny G

    "Happy Father's Day" to my daddy the most amazing man on earth and to my husband my kids best friend!!!

  • Rachelle Fisher

    father quotes. Lucky to have the best step dad for my sons and father for my baby

  • René Szatkowski

    All parents need to remember this daily....do my kids see me do the right thing even when it's hard?

  • Nicole Lynn

    My son has an awesome role model- his daddy!!

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