home made from a train car

Train car transformed in house

How To Build a 400 Square Foot Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin for $2,000 - OMG, that's it? Who wants to build it for me?

caboose house hdr example

Rustically Awesome Small Cabin in the Woods

Salvaged materials to build this house.

Recycled train car turned into a house. I've done a lot of research on this and the big downside is the cost of moving the car to a piece of land (can easily cost $20,000). Otherwise, it's one of the best ideas I've ever seen for a house!


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Small rustic studio/shed/cabin. Photography by kalliewalker.com **** for if we move :)

In a cabin on the lake

The Perfect Little Log Cabin Kit For $5,000 Must See Inside!

Recycled Shipping Container House (Dunway Enterprises) http://clickbank.dunway.com/affiliate_videos/containers/index.html

Container Cabin

Designed by architect Cathy Schwabe, this stylish design might be a little larger than the typical tiny house we profile, but at around 800 square feet it’s just about perfect for a small family and would make a great vacation home or cabin.

Shipping Container Homes: Living for the Future | Earth911.com

Build A Cabin In A Weekend For Under $5,000. omgosh I love this!! it would be great as just a little hideaway/private area for yoga and meditation


Small Space Surprise: Flip-Down Walls Reveal Writer’s Cabin

The Ecopod can be on or off the grid, and is entirely made from recycled materials.