Natural Christmas... Limes, cranberries, oranges and evergreens.

Holiday Centerpiece- One of the simplest centerpieces is a glass vase filled with water and real cranberries (not frozen, not dried) and a white floating candle. Use an interesting vase with a large opening or a great glass dish. Either way the cranberries and candle will float and look wonderful. Ensure to use a non-scented candle if this will go on your dining table. We wouldn't want the scent to interfere with the wonderful aroma of your home-cooked meal.

Cranberries are so pretty to decorate with, especially for the holidays.

this would be so pretty as a centerpiece

Evergreen filled urns

Christmas greenery


diy christmas decor christmas

Great outdoor idea...and looks very easy to do...

Winter party ideas: cranberries

Easy Evergreen Candle by bhg: Set a pillar candle inside a pretty glass container surrounded with bits of greenery to combine natural textures with the welcoming warmth of candlelight. #DIY #Candle #Christmas #Evergreen

Love this for an easy table centerpiece!

Christmas Family Room

Christmas floral arrangement

Rustic Crate & Pine Centerpiece.


Christmas Decor

christmas centerpieces

Cute holiday decorating idea.... I would use cranberries instead though :)

Kitchen Christmas decoration

Christmas decor