Santa Lucia procession candle holders

Santa Lucia

The Morning of Lucia

CHRISTMAS TREE STAR with CANDLE LIGHT Handcrafted Primitive Tin Topper in 2 Finishes *WIRED*

Christmas Wheat There is a Hungarian custom of growing wheat during Advent. The wheat seeds are planted on St. Lucia Day and remind us of the spiritual rebirth at Christmas time. Supplies Needed: Small Flower Pot Potting Soil Grains of Wheat Fill pot with soil. Lay grains on top of soil and gently press down until they are covered. Water daily and keep warm on your nature space. The children will enjoy watching the wheat grow as Christmas approaches.

Wine bottles with tall I know what I can do with all those wine bottles I get!

Advent ~ Santa Lucia ~ Orange Clove Candles

Group different-size, neutral-color candles in an ivory bowl. Surround the candles with silver ornaments and beads.

Drip less candles in bottles like this. I love the look. Watch carefully.


St Lucia

Santa Lucia...lovely Swedish language blog

I am so excited to make winter centrepeices and decorate for our wonderful corporate winter clients. P2 Holidays has such amazing decorations for your winter staff, family, or friends holiday parties.

This is by far the best post I've found on st lucia. Everything I"ve posted and lots I haven't is pretty much in this post great post!!

Ibland är det allra enklaste - det allra vackraste / Vintage House

santa lucia...

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This could be an interesting inspiration for an advent wreath

Bowl and 4 candles wit greens and ribbon. Simple decor.

Christmas Around the World - traditional from Halland, Sweden