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Daryl Walking Dead Cake by AngEdibleCreations

Daryl Dixon - Walking Dead Cake

Walking Dead Cake

25 Horror Movie Cakes That We’re Dying To Eat! The Walking Dead Zombie Cake... Awesome walking dead cake

Daryl from The Walking Dead

These Walking Dead inspired cupcakes include a ghastly pale almond base infused with a vein of red, American [horror] buttercream, sinister black sprinkles (yes, this may be only time you see “sinister” and “sprinkles” in the same sentence), bloody decorating gel, and candy knives and “toxic” signs stabbed straight through the top.

Walking Dead Cake

Daryl Dixon the walking dead

The Walking Dead cake!


Daryl boots walking dead

Carol & Daryl, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

Zombie cake walking dead cake

The Walking Dead...I want a Daryl hug!

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The walking dead lol

The walking dead