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Paula • 3 years ago


  • Kayla Henderson
    Kayla Henderson • 3 years ago

    Also, it is completely understandable that we humans need a higher power to look up to. All in all, it's just a psychological thing. You can google it if you must.

  • Bryce Hardy
    Bryce Hardy • 3 years ago

    Kayla, My response was not antagonistic in nature, I’m sorry you took it that way. As for school, my degrees are in Religion and Philosophy. I stand by my statement that math and logic cannot be empirically proven by science, as science presupposes both; this is a common understanding (perhaps not among undergraduates or the unlearned) and accepted by all in higher learning. Despite your search on Google regarding the psychology of belief, there is SO MUCH more to be said on the subject than what you have probably read and gets into very good arguments on metaphysics and dualism. It’s a good idea to get your information from credible peer reviewed journals, papers, dissertations, etc. in order to make a proper assessment before commenting so authoritatively. I hope you take time to seriously consider the most fundamental questions of life. I’m not trying to strong-arm you into my belief but just want to share with you where I am coming from and hope that you come to the same conclusion of the existence of God that I have after my serious and demanding multi-year search, and fluctuation between non-belief and faith and conviction. When you find yourself accepting that there may be room for faith and God, you’ll look back and agree that it was a worthy journey.

  • Tabitha Turnbull
    Tabitha Turnbull • 3 years ago

    Response to seperating Jesus and Religion: there are many religions, Christianity, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, Jewish.... Etc people choose different religions however Jesus is only followed in Christianity. Religion is man made and the reason we are referring to Jesus as Savior and not our religion bec many people just follow laws, rules or I was raised that way.... Etc however I don't want laws an legalism to lead me but for the Jesus Way and his commands to lead how I should live:)

  • Kristen D
    Kristen D • 2 years ago

    Bryce, I have to correct you on a point -- your claim about the circular nature of mathematics and logic being disputed only by the unlearned is both antagonistic and incorrect. I, for one, have a JD from a top law school and was a student of logic and philosophy before that -- it is not an accepted premise as you claim it to be. Rather, the fundamental tenets of those subjects are accepted because they have been tested and found sturdy. Moreover, while one of the people arguing with you does not express a sense of faith, your blanket statements assuming that she lacks education/research are part of the reason that people turn from faith. I make this assertion both from personal experience (having been an atheist before I found God) and from extensive reading on the writings of those who choose a secular path. It's clear you're well-intentioned, but I can hardly imagine someone taking your comments as anything but antagonistic.

  • R Dears
    R Dears • 2 years ago

    Amen Tabitha! Simply put, a religion will have mans rules added to it. JESUS was a in the flesh who really walked the face of the earth 2,000 years ago. He did so for the love He has for us (John 3:16). Therefore, He is also living and we can have a relationship with Him. For the proof He his still alive check out The Case for Jesus, by Lee Strobel. He has gathered the evidence many of you will find intriguing and convincing. I did. Check out the facts for yourself. Anyhow, that is why many of us speak of a relationship. Follow Christ and HIS teachings, not mans.

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