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  • Mauricio Marcilio de Souza

    Hoodride is a segment of Hotrod culture, culture that emerged in the mid-30s in the U.S., when young people with little investment buying huge v8 engines and adapted in abandoned car bodies. The Hoodride is a style born of VWs, being mainly applied in cars like Beetle, Kombi and Brasilia. Now you know, do not be alarmed when you see a car on the street that seems to have been sunk in a river or years bringing rain, are Hoodrides.

  • cally parke

    VW Bug RAT ROD

  • LGM Sports

    We call them VW ratrods, but across the pond they call'em Hoodrides. Its about rust, patina and dropping them low and sometimes the odd roof rack with vintage gear. Dig it. -

  • Todd Dages

    Slammed Vw beetle Split Window

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The Original VW would be in better condition after rolling down into a 30-foot ravine than a Toyota after hitting a curb. The cabin is water-tight so it won't sink. And if the garage isn't an option, pluck it in the living room!

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Checkered bra is where it's at. Aircooled. idgaf. | nitrox09

i bought my brother a key chain like this in Virginia Beach

VW Bug~there has never been a cuter or cooler small car~definately for a B personality~its like a song, "slow down, you move to fast . . ."

Almost exactly what I'm aiming for. Selling the Yukon to get exactly what I have always wanted. Volkswagen bug, Volkswagen Bus and a old pickup truck! Almost there!!!