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Abandoned - Nolan House at Hwy 83 and Nolan Store Rd. Bostwick, Georgia. The Nolan House is an abandoned plantation home that has been vacant for over 35 yrs.






Amazing how nature will always take back what was originally its to begin with. | See more about tree houses, house trees and mother nature.

all aboard

Forgotten Engine - White Pass RR in Alaska

Abandoned Countryside Church In Russia


Crumbling UK Theater

Children's nursery abandoned after Chernobyl meltdown

old railroad car.... worn... rusted... corroded... tarnished and beautiful...


Parked behind a restaurant along Route 84 in Savanna, IL

Abandoned New Orleans Six Flags.

"Nature Calling" by A.J. Arend

Rusty RV by Evan Gearing

Highland Park Police Station

Abandoned amusement park.

To think of what this room once must have been...

They abandoned this mental hospital not that long ago but there is an air of mystery about this place…

discovered on To me places that are abandoned always have a story to tell. Eerie feeling. The Incensewoman

Abandoned buildings photography by Vincent Jansen (4)