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  • Jen Hineline

    funny pictures What Religion Are you

  • Eliza U

    Choose your own religion flow chart... why think for yourself when someone can tell you what religion you should affiliate yourself with in just a few easy steps! ;D im christian!

  • Bernice Boswell

    What happens if you like bacon AND think underwear is magical? Full blown crisis of faith? good for a laugh

  • Janet Morton

    Religion Flowchart. This made me laugh!

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and this is the way I see the world, not divided in terms of race, creed or gender, but by "asshole" and "not asshole"....try it....

i don't get these people. to me spiritual & religious mean generally the same thing. i get it there are some really frantic believers & they can be crazy but there are perfectly normal religious people.. sheesh. HATERS GON HATE.

Will Smith needs to win father of the year award And Jaden needs to appreciate how much his dad loves him. But this is funny!

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Listened to the podcast a while back and Tom Hanks is AMAZING! I still quote it from time to time. "Play with these and not those"

Lol haha. Thats my type of person. Scare everyone and make it funny while doing it.

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