• Alice Sutton

    San Francisco native Andres Amador is an artist that specializes in temporary land art on sandy beaches. Armed with several different sized rakes and his imagination, Andres typically spends a few hours on each piece.

  • Seiji Sato

    INTRICATE SAND ART BY ANDRES AMADOR Andres Amador works out of the wide beaches of San Francisco. When asked why he prefers to create his art on sand, Andres answers: “Working with this medium, there is no mess to clean up, nothing to put away or store. The ocean prepares a fresh canvas daily.”. He understands that the beach is not a very reliable canvas and that the art he creates will be washed away by the tide, but he loves the enormous space the shore offers.

  • Kathleen Kemler

    sand beach art andres amador 3 The Infinity Sand Sculpture by Carl Jara

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