This is Brian and I on the beach. We are in SUCH great shape we're thinking of trying out for the circus

Inspiring partner yoga photos from Instagram. __ What is FREECABA? (See My Profile <@jurale13> for an Answer).

This is amazing.anyone who had tried these crazy moves knows this. Don't give up, you can't run a mile when you have never ran before....train your body it will thank you

summer love <3

Great engagement photo idea: We will have to see if I'll be able to get Michael to do this when the time comes! haha

Beach wedding photo idea -- I would love this but with a bit of the dress peaking down too.. As long as my toes are hidden by sand and water:)

veganbaby: recoverythroughfitspo: slim-and-svelte: healthyandbeautiful: i-will-make-you-fit: Someday…. so cute! omg will always reblog cute fitness couple. looove. I love couples yoga…

Our amazing Engagement photos with @Benj Haisch

The best yoga pants.

Cheer bestfriends, me and my best friend do this all the time!!<3

This is way more realistic than other cookie cutter beach couples. <3<3 it

Tumbling at the beach

Going to the Beach! I would love to do this on the beach with my friend! It's like picture perfect and a great memory trying to get it perfect!

Summer fun.

Destination: The beach.

kissing on the beach <3