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Many animals can make it out there, if they get free, but sheep aren't so able. They can't defend themselves in the wild. They need a shepherd to feed, lead, care for, and protect ..rather than take from em.

Spring lamb ~ Jesus left the 99 sheep to seek out the little lamb that was lost ~ he appeals to those who stray from the Truth, to return to the protection of God's organization ~


10 Reasons a Goat is the Best Gift. Bhahaha so funny. Well, now that I've read this I'm for sure buying Weston that goat he's always wanted.

Goats are the Best Pets!

10 Reasons a Goat is the Best Gift

Baby goat. Love the collar btw

goatvet likes this portrait of a kid - The Daily Cute: 10 Photos to Get Your Goat

This is why I want a goat.  Someone else wrote this and I just wanna say: THIS IS NOT A GOAT!!!

happy little lamb, Wales I can't not smile at this. Ah, I love this lambie!

Teeny, tiny <b>baby</b> <b>goat</b> cuteness | Wonderous…

how adorable. funny comment though.Important Tip: Never let your baby goat go, for any reason. 10 seconds after this photo was taken this goat had scaled the second story of the house and was butting into the weathervane.