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Well said!


This is very true!

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I'm in love with a married man.....good thing I'm his wife

I hate when I pull my headphones out of my bag and they pull out chapstick, hair ties, tampons, whales and the whole country of Russia with them.

Every Time I Think About You.

Etc Inspiration Blog The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are The Second Greatest Challenge Is Being Happy With What You Find Inspirational Quote Via The Good Vibe photo Etc-Inspiration-Blog-The-Greatest-Challenge-In-Life-Inspirational-Quote-Via-The-Good-Vibe.jpg

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So true!

SO true


Haaaaaa YES!

Remember this. Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. #emmamildon

Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle

Sounds about right...

The only regret