Silver Duct Tape Bible Craft from - Great craft for VBS

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Mumma made it: Good Friday cross craft - foil, foam, wooden embossing (could use a non-pointy toothpick or a Q-tip with the cotton cut off maybe

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Haitian-Inspired Foil Cross- made with foil tape from hardware store

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Cross Art - easy painting project for small children. Place Masking Tape (in any shape) onto a canvas. Let kids get messy as they fill the entire canvas with color! Once dry, carefully peel tape away to reveal the masterpiece!

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Silver Tape 3D Cross Bible Craft for Kids, VBS, you can also color the tape with sharpies for a cool metallic effect on the colors.

We used this idea for VBS -the word of God is our light. Also a neat camp craft idea

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When we talk about respect for God we could adapt this Fruit of the Spirit Folding Craft Stick Bible Craft. We could write attributes of God on the sticks.

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"Ere you left your room this morning..." Would be good for the kids' rooms or to do as a Bible class/VBS take-home on a day that Prayer is the lesson.

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easter craft I remember making these kinds of cups in vacation bible school when I was little.

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Piano Keyboard Duck Tape. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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VBS craft

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Paper Lily Craft. We could attach appropriate Easter bible verse.

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How cool would this be for the kids of vbs?

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People I'm Praying For craft (Sunday school craft) What a great idea! I might even use this for my adult Bible study. The ladies would love it!

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bible crafts on pinterest | Jonah and the fish. DIY bible craft. | Bible Story Activities

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Jesus Feed the Five Thousand Bible Craft for Sunday School - Picture of boy hold a folded paper plate basket with fish and oyster crackers in it from Click on the picture to go to Danielle's Place to get this pattern.

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Cross Craft - masking tape cross on white paper (preferably cardstock as it's thicker) . . use water colours to paint over the cross ten peal the masking tape away slowly.

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David and Goliath Bible Craft for Sunday School - David's Stones and Bag from

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Fake rock made from pool noodles. Really…Pool Noodles???? Yep, this is a fake rock made with bits and pieces of foam pool noodles, covered in duct tape and wrapped with pantyhose

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Creative Ideas, Christmas Stuff, Tape Crafts, Duct Duck Tape, Birthday Wishlist, Hearts Duct, Duct Tape Rolls, Wild Hearts

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