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  • Suzanne McGoldrick

    Scottish Fold kitten. I had a beautiful kitty, named Mattise or Mattie for short. My daughter, Katie, named him. I loved him so much! He came to me when I whistled lightly. Poor baby got killed by a car.

  • Unni Merete

    Scottish Fold Cat: This particular cat has a fold in the cartilage of its ear. Its gene mutation is the primary reason for this fold. The ears of this cat are bent towards the front side of the head which makes this cat look even more different and cute. This cat breed is also referred to as the lop-eared cat. The name of its breed was assigned to it in the year 1966.

  • Meghan Wheat

    scottish fold kitten... ill take one of those fluffy teddy bear dogs along with one of these adorable kittens... they would make the cutest pair

  • Hope

    cute kitten - Google Search

  • Ali Monto

    Ever since I lived in Japan I've wanted a scottish fold kitty cat! That face is too sweet and the ears making it even sweeter.

  • Lori Franklin Hopkins

    cat breed scottish fold - Google Search

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