Leaf Roller Moth

Red-banded Leaf Hopper.

madagascar moon moth fairy

The oleander hawk-one of the rarest and most beautiful moths in the world.

A beautiful urodid moth cocoon hangs from a leaf in the Amazon.

Moth in Isalo National Park, Madagascar by Karl Lehmann

Rajah Butterfly "Dragonhead" Caterpillar (silky lined leaf)

Dicentra and the lady



Leaf Mimicking

Zooming on the heart

Indian Leaf Butterfly / "A melhor transformação no homem é aquela que ninguém vê." (Luck Sales)

Tersa Sphinx Moth Caterpillar by MattSullivan

Walking Leaf

Colourful spider, by Jäger & Sammler

Cecropia moth

Metallic leaf beetle

Not a Muppet! (Dagger moth larvae)

Dead leaf butterfly